SJ reviews…As Dead as It Gets

A little preface to this review: I’m so sorry for having this late and for not having a review up the Saturday before last.  Because of this, I’m going to have a triple review weekend.  Starting today, Friday, April 19th through Sunday, April 21st.  Get ready!  😀

I have never had a book make me more angry. I have never read a book that made me growl more than smile. I have never read a book where the third in the series was better than the first. Mind you, never is a strong word, and there’s a first time for everything. This was my first time, and I was completely blown away. I finished this book on the school bus on the way to school. I walked into school saying, “I’d like to throw myself off a cliff.” Yes, it’s ironic (you’d only understand that if you’ve read it.). This book was outstanding.

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C U Next Tuesday Camp NaNoWriMo Confessions!

Well isn’t that title a mouthful!?

I’m back…on a Tuesday?  I’m being rebellious, deaaal with it.  Camp NaNoWriMo began yesterday, and I’m so thankful that I didn’t have school yesterday.  I would have died if I had it yesterday.  Honestly, I was on a roll yesterday.  I racked up a sum of 6,001 words (yes, I’m going to be exact).  I was supposed to only write 667 words, and, well, I blew that out of the water.  

I did my daily word count for nine days, and now I’m nearly at 10,000.  Not yet.  I have 8,125.  Yes, I’m going to be exact.  

Chitter-chatter is going down in our cabin!  From congratulating each other to encouraging each other to sharing websites that could inspire or cause us to procrastinate, lots of chatting is going down.  Not only is that all going down, we’re also stalking each other’s websites and twitters, swapping emails and music.  We’re already friends.  After one full day of writing, we’re not yet tired of each other.  I like it.  

My thoughts so far…well, I’m liking it.  I find myself a little distracted at times, but I throw myself back into the game and continue to write.  I stop looking at the word count and delve into the story, whether I feel it sounds choppy or not.  I know that I’m going to put a lot of editing into it, and I am aware that I’m going to finish well before the end of April if I continue at the rate I’m going.  I mean…I may or may not raise my word count later.  If I can.

That’s all my confessions for the day!  Thanks for reading.

— SJ

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Weekly schedule, Camp NaNoWriMo, & plenty more.

Happy Easter season, boys and girls!  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend (well, today it’s Monday and I kind of don’t have school), I know I am!  I’m not excited about returning to school tomorrow because it’s going to be extra boring after spending a week at home.

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SJ reviews…From Bad to Cursed!

If you thought I wasn’t going to review the second book in the Bad Girls Don’t Die series, you were wrong.  I am going to review it (deal with it.  :)).  Now, without further ado, here is my review.

SJ reviews…

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An Introduction?!

You read the title…an introduction.  I really need one — my about page will not cut it.

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SJ reviews…Bad Girls Don’t Die!

Hello everyone, SJ here with a book review. This is my first attempt at a book review and I have put together a series of questions from book and movie review templates alike. I’ve worked very hard on this and I hope you enjoy this book review as much as I enjoyed writing it. (I’m not being sarcastic, I swear!)

SJ reviews….

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