SJ reviews…Bad Girls Don’t Die!

Hello everyone, SJ here with a book review. This is my first attempt at a book review and I have put together a series of questions from book and movie review templates alike. I’ve worked very hard on this and I hope you enjoy this book review as much as I enjoyed writing it. (I’m not being sarcastic, I swear!)

SJ reviews….

A week ago, I spent three days reading Katie Alender’s book Bad Girls Don’t Die. And during these three days, I could not put this book down! Through a loud bus ride, I tapped into my reserved selective deafness and blocked out the world to read this book. And it pleases me to say that it was definitely worth it.

Katie Alender’s book, Bad Girls Don’t Die, definitely stood out to me. I found this little book series when Zendaya Coleman, from Disney’s television show, Shake It Up acted in a trailer for the second book in the Bad Girls Don’t Die series. I found myself chilled to the bone and I just had to read the book. At first glance, Bad Girls Don’t Die, it looked unusual. Putting aside the fact that I had seen a trailer for the book, I thought it would be an unusual book.

I was brought into the world of Alexis Warren, a sophomore in high school with pink hair, a love for photography, and a bad girl attitude. She’s associated but not associated with the dark goth group, the Doom Squad. Her little sister, Kasey is in eighth grade and has an unusual obsession with dolls, and does not let anyone touch them. Her sister soon gets a hold of a possessed doll that leads Kasey to become possessed also. This book is full of supernatural paranormities and if you like thriller, suspenseful books, you’ll enjoy this one.

Like I said, I couldn’t put it down.

The character that I think that I am most like is Kasey. Despite the possed-ness, I find myself like her. She’s quiet and collected, yet attached. It’s a little complicated to explain. And I also relate to Alexis at many times.

Now…here’s the question I’ve been waiting for. Would I recommend this book to anyone? If you didn’t catch it at the beginning of the post, I did like this book. I could not put it down. I would, in fact, recommend this book to people. Connecting with your inner weirdness and thinking about what actually may be out there. You won’t be able to put it down, and you’ll get hooked on this book!

Rating time. Out of a five, I would rate this book a four point nine-seven. I have no reason for not giving it a solid five, except for the fact that it was a little hard to follow at times. But all of those little parts that were hard to follow usually were smoothed out by the end, and I understood what went down.

Morals…I feel like this book had only one clear moral. At least, it was clear to me. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even if someone won’t understand. It’s always better to get help from someone outside than to try to take care of everything yourself. It gets messy if you proceed to do things by yourself. Don’t be stubborn, ask for help. 🙂

Opinion time! I don’t think that there will be spoilers in this, so don’t be afraid to read this. I’ll put spoiler alert if there are any spoilers in my opinion section of the review.

I overall loved this book. The way that questions didn’t become answered until the end of the book, the way the possession was carried out…the shocking parts with Megan! (This isn’t a spoiler. :)). When I say I couldn’t put it down, I meant it. I mean, wow. It was beautiful. I love the fact that there was a minimum amount of romance in the book. I have friends who say that romance ruins books, and I feel that if you’re looking to read an adventurous book about ghosts and other things, it’s the book for you.

Honestly, if you’re afraid that it’s going to be super scary…trust me, it’s not.

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