An Introduction?!

You read the title…an introduction.  I really need one — my about page will not cut it.

This post will not be as long as any of my further posts, this is just going to be a post (written at 1:25 in the AM) about me.  It’ll be just a little taste of what you didn’t read on my about me page.  And just a little insight — I made this blog like two days ago, so…don’t judge me.

Hi, I’m SJ.  No, I wasn’t born SJ, I just think that SJ is a cool nickname.  Any letter plus J sounds cool.  Not gonna lie.  My real name is a mystery, and if you can figure it out, good for you, I don’t mind.  (People from my twitter page know who I am.)  Basically, I could not live without my Internet.  I know that a lot of teenagers can’t, so I’m just another teenager on that boat.  I also love to read and write.  Woo!  What blogger doesn’t?  (I’m new, forgive me.  🙂 )  I’m also known to forget things, and to procrastinate.  Teenagers do that sometimes.  Though, the bad part is…I don’t tend to finish things.

NaNoWriMo?  I only got up to 10,000 words.  Two week novel challenge?  5,000 words.

But what you have to realize is that I’m a teenager!  These aren’t excuses.  And I know it’s about time management, though I’m not good at managing my time.

I also like to film and work with screen plays.  i dapple with acting — public anything really makes me scared!  I tend to shy away when people look at me.  Especially in class.  You won’t get a peep out of me…We are not going to digress.  I love to film and write screenplays.  I think that’d be a fun occupation.

Bleh.  My hands are really getting tired, and I really should get back to bed…or should I write another review!  Oh gosh darn it.  I cannot make up my mind.  Well anyway, that was a fun time.  I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and my life.  I’ll have more of these as my life progresses on, because I know that I didn’t say very much in this post.  Whaaaatever.

— SJ

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