SJ reviews…From Bad to Cursed!

If you thought I wasn’t going to review the second book in the Bad Girls Don’t Die series, you were wrong.  I am going to review it (deal with it.  :)).  Now, without further ado, here is my review.

SJ reviews…

Hello everyone!  Today I will be reviewing the second book in Bad Girls Don’t Die series…this book is called From Bad to Cursed.  This book is by Katie Alender, and its trailer can be found….here.  This book is basically about Alexis in her junior year and Kasey, Alexis’s little sister, in her freshman year of high school.  In the beginning it seems that Kasey is doing everything wrong in high school, she’s sitting alone, her ex best friend continues to torment her, and Alexis doesn’t want to do anything about it…

Enter Lydia, Alexis’s ex-friend, member of the Doom Squad.  She instantly becomes friends with Kasey, and Alexis isn’t buying it.   Kasey joins this group called the Sunshine Club, and it seems that all the girls in the club get everything they want from a spirit named Aralt — but something’s fishy.  Why would some spirit grant the girls with everything they want…but not want anything in return?  In an attempt to crack the case, Alexis joins the club too.  Is everything all that it’s cracked up to be?

Read the book to find out!

I can now cross “provide a basic synopsis” off of my list!  Question time!  Which character is most relatable in this book?  This is a hard one because of events that occur in the book…but I’d have to say Kasey.  She defies the other people is totally sly and secretive.  Though she gives in at times, I have to commend her for not falling into peer pressure and getting into deep trouble like in the first book…I applaud her.  She’s fantastic.  While reading this book, I became a little angry with Alexis, for being so stupid at times, but we all have those moments with characters.  They just make you want to face palm sometimes!

Second on the agenda…would I recommend this book to anyone?  Most definitely.  If you read the first book, you’ll find it hard not to read the second book.  I’m trying not to get into things that I’m going to be putting into my overall, tiny opinions section, so I’m going to be keeping this short.

If I had to rate the book, I’d have to say it’s a solid three point seven five out of five.

Opinion time…this is where I nitpick things about the book.  Don’t read if you’re afraid of spoilers, but then again, I’m probably not going to spoil anything.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty hooked on this book.  Partially because it was totally amazing, but partially because it was a little hard to follow at parts — mostly near the end, however.  It was only the end that I found had to follow.  And some of the paranormal things in the book, I tried to look up.  Sure, the book’s fiction, but I’d at least like to see if the things are real.  I tried looking up dwelling and to no avail, I could not find anything that had to do with that.  And I don’t recall reading anything about power centers too.

Oh, but SJ, can’t we make up things now?

Of course we can make things up, I have no problem with that. But I just want to know what’s fiction and what’s not.  As aforementioned, it’s difficult to follow in the end, however, I like it.  I like it a lot.

And this is the part when you should roll your eyes.  Oops?  I’m sorry, but this must be done.

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— SJ

{I don’t own the Bad Girls Don’t Die Series, and I am not affiliated with anyone from the production of the book or publishers}.

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