SJ reviews…As Dead as It Gets

A little preface to this review: I’m so sorry for having this late and for not having a review up the Saturday before last.  Because of this, I’m going to have a triple review weekend.  Starting today, Friday, April 19th through Sunday, April 21st.  Get ready!  😀

I have never had a book make me more angry. I have never read a book that made me growl more than smile. I have never read a book where the third in the series was better than the first. Mind you, never is a strong word, and there’s a first time for everything. This was my first time, and I was completely blown away. I finished this book on the school bus on the way to school. I walked into school saying, “I’d like to throw myself off a cliff.” Yes, it’s ironic (you’d only understand that if you’ve read it.). This book was outstanding.

Today, SJ reviews…

The third book of the series. The one that wouldn’t compare — couldn’t compare with the first book, right? You’d be surprised. Honestly, I liked this book better than the first book, but I do have to realize that without the first book, the third book wouldn’t exactly exist. But honestly, who expects the third book of the trilogy to be the most gut-wrenching, fist-curling, and teeth-clenchingly amazing book? It’s like expecting the movie to be better than the book.

It can’t be possible.

But Katie Alender accomplishes it in As Dead As It Gets, the third book in her Bad Girls Don’t Die trilogy. I couldn’t put the book down fast enough at some parts, only because the events that took place were too much for the characters. When the characters do things you know they know not to do, yet they do it anyway, you become angry. That’s how I felt, through the end. However, it was probably one of my favorites of Miss Alender’s books. I enjoy books that I get into, and this is one I was intensely into.

I swear I was raging the many times Alexis was digging herself into a hole.

Basically, Alexis Warren was cursed with special eyes…eyes that allowed her to see dead people in photos and on television. Alexis appears to be trapped in the rumors spread around her. People knew she was present at the death of Lydia Small, and when she makes appearances at each one of the sites where disappearing girls are found, the rumors become worse. Convinced that the disappearances are something of Lydia’s doing, Alexis wards off Lydia at any time she can. Yellow roses and a purple dress tie Alexis to the case of yet another ghost — and this one has to be the worst of all.

I could really relate with Alexis this time around. After all that she’s been through, she’s back to being an outcast…broken inside, it’s only a given that she’s tired and is giving up. Quoting the book, “she can’t look in the mirror without crying.”  She’s really trying to take the easy way out. The character I admired the most would definitely have to be Elliot. Very insightful and intelligent, she stands out as one of my favorite characters. We don’t see much of Megan or Kasey in this book, however, they were still key characters in the main plot. But Elliot, she was pure perfection.

I hate to be so giving in, but this was an outstanding book. Five out of five stars and lots of applauding for Katie Alender for knocking the book out of my hands with her powerful words. Outstanding. I would recommend this book, had the other books been read by the reader. It is highly recommended that the other two books are read first, considering that they did continue plots and the events had a big impact in the final book. But if you want to be a rebel and read this book first, go ahead. I’m just warning you: you won’t understand a lot of it.

Isn’t the consistent repetition of telling you that the book is outstanding enough of an opinion? That’s all I can say. I loved this book. I never felt confused, nor did I have to look back to other pages to understand what was all going on. And even after periods of not reading the book, I knew what was going on. This book was outstanding.   (Oops, I said it again.)  Going into this book, I didn’t expect it to be this great. I expected it to be a little confusing like the other two books. No.

I loved this book.

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