Hi, I’m SJ (pebblesreviews) and I like to review things.  Mostly books, but I can probably review blogs and movies too.  I haven’t decided exactly what I want to review yet.  I also have a youtube channel that I may or may not give out and make reviews on there too.  It all depends on how many people really enjoy my reviews.  Not only do I want you to read my reviews, I also want you to read the books that I’m reviewing.  If they’re good, of course.  I would never want you to read a horrendous book.

My blog will be all sorts of confusing.  I’m a quirky person, so my blog will be as well.

I’m currently participating in Camp NaNoWriMo!  Please support me!  Encouraging words will definitely help me on my journey.  ❤


Comments, Complaints & Suggestions?

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